Douglas C. Wied

Information Technology Leader, Manager, and Strategic Planner

Douglas C. Wied

Over twenty years of leadership experience with a documented record of success at increasing levels of responsibility and accountability as a senior corporate director, manager, and senior officer in the U.S. Navy; a commercial and military career that spans multiple domains and disciplines from software programming, leading software development teams, leading corporate business units, to building and leading large organizations tasked with complex missions.

Results and customer oriented, self-starter, team builder, mentor, strategic planner, and people-oriented. Proven management experience leading information technology business units and managing technology related programs for commercial corporations, directing and overseeing the operations, resource allocation, and quality control of multiple concurrent projects with expertise in developing/architecting solutions for enterprise integration projects.

Projects, Accomplishments, and Experience

The sections below detail key projects, assignments, and accomplishments that define my career and highlight what I can bring to an organization. Specifically, the ability to define the strategic vision for a team focused on developing technology based solutions, work with all levels of management as well as internal and external stakeholders both domestic and international to sell the vision, and lead the team towards successfully accomplishing the vision.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Business Development, Policy, & Strategy

Responsible for developing and implementing strategic growth initiatives that result in positioning EW Wells Group, LLC as the leader in its targeted market space while providing guidance and leadership in business development activities.

E W Wells Group, LLC is a solutions provider for government, military and industrial organizations with experience and expertise in leading projects in information technology, program management, unexploded ordnance disposal, environmental services, underwater mapping, information management, disaster relief, and the setup of emergency operation centers.

Orchestrated implementation of automated corporate wide business development processes and internal web-based business intelligence/pipeline application which significantly increased collaboration, visibility, and proposal production.

  • BD Process Webapp

    The business development web application that significantly increased collaboration, visability, and proposal production throughput.

Director of Information Technology

Business Development, Intranet App Development, IT Contracts Management

As the Director of Information Technology, my time is split across both internal and external efforts. I manage the daily execution of a number of IT support contracts encompassing approximately 60 direct reports geographically dispersed across the country with an annual value of $5 million. These contracts include: Tier I/II/II helpdesk support, data center network/system administration, information assurance analysis, and cyber security professional training.

Internally, I am focused on optimizing information sharing and collaboration across all company business units. As the IT Director, I am also responsible for business development and growth of the IT business unit which means, tracking new business opportunities and writing proposals. This effort was particularly challenging for the company because of the very manual and "stove-piped" processes used by the various company managers. To solve this, I built a intranet web application that simplified and automated the tracking of all future opportunities and proposals. The result was an easy to use system that ensured consistency of information and transparent access to all managers which significantly improved the quality of our proposals. Additionally, I have extended the systems functionality to include management and tracking of all contracts and task orders.

Lastly, I am responsible for the corporate infrastructure. We are currently refurbishing an old building that will become our new corporate headquarters. I have been leading the infrastructure design and buildout in the new building to include network wiring, phone system procurement and installation, switch/server configuration, and IT asset refresh. When finished, the company will have a secure 400 port network complete with a virtualized server environment ensuring secure access to all critical IT resources by corporate personnel regardless of their physical location; on premise or web based.

  • Pipeline Webapp

    The business development web application built by Douglas Wied to streamline all proposal development activities.

  • Website Development

    Transformed Quantum Dynamic's internet presence through a complete website redesign and implementation.

Information Sharing / Cloud Computing R&D Project

Acquisition Program Manager for the Navy’s Non-Classified Enclave (NCE)

The Navy’s Non-Classified Enclave is a secure virtualized information sharing solution focused on allowing personnel from international countries to rapidly share critical data with U.S. Navy organizations to meet emerging maritime security missions, requirements, and/or to rapidly respond to emerging natural or man-made disasters. NCE comprised a collection of servers installed within a secure Tier-1 hosting facility, capable of establishing an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) tunneled through the Navy's unclassified network to various destinations throughout the world; typically onboard Navy ships; U.S. or International Partners.

The NCE project was the result of a cooperative cloud computing research and development effort between the U.S. Navy and the Visualization Center at San Diego State University. The effort focused on developing a strategic roadmap for the U.S. Navy to migrate traditionally stovepipe application server environments into cost effective, agile, and scalable cloud computing based Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions.

The NCE program also worked closely with senior personnel from Google, Inc. to test operational use and implementation of their Google Apps for Government SaaS product; a critical effort that paved the way for the DoD/Navy's eventual approval to allow Google Apps to be accessed across DoD networks (.mil). This effort was highlighted in a article published by Google on their Official Enterprise Blog

  • Google Apps Blog

    Google Blog article of U.S. Navy Captain Douglas Wied sharing how the U.S. Navy uses Google Apps to improve coordination in disaster relief efforts.

  • NCE Architecture

    The Non-Classified Enclave - a cloud-based domain for information sharing and collaboration to improve maritime security awareness and humanitarian efforts.

The U.S. Navy' NCE program teamed with SDSU to plan, schedule, and execute a large scale crisis response exercise, focused on leveraging cloud computing and various social media as a way to demonstrate more effective means of communicating and collaborating during/following a natural or man-made disaster. Volunteers throughout the world took part via twitter, FaceBook, a published real-time crisis map, and in person at the SDSU Visualization lab.

Crowdsourcing and Crisis/Disaster Response

Acquisition Program Manager for the Navy’s Non-Classified Enclave (NCE)

On Tuesday January 12, 2010, a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. the Haitian government reported that an estimated 316,000 people died, 300,000 people were injured, and 1,000,000 became homeless.

Immediately volunteers, aid workers, non-governmental organizations, an the international community mobilized to help with the relief efforts. Given the collaborative efforts of the Navy's NCE program and SDSU, we were in a unique position to leverage technology and provide significant aide to the relief efforts. We rapidly mobilized our team and utilized our Google Apps domain to host an accessible portal of critical data and information. However, this was but a small portion of what we were able to achieve.

The U.S. Navy was able to schedule a reconnoissance mission for one of their P3 Orion aircraft to fly over the affected region and utilize its highly sophisticated sensors to capture large amounts of real-time video and imagery. We established special protocols in which the data was captured in an unclassified fashion; not normal for this type of craft and the missions it typically flys.

  • - The Google Apps domain established by the U.S. Navy

Next, the Navy uploaded the imagery to SDSU servers which were then made accessible to the public domain. This allowed an open source mapping organization (Crisismappers) to then leverage their crowdsourcing based user community to use the imagery to identify/locate areas of damage and build a network of roads on GIS based maps (OpenStreetMaps). The net effect was that the crowd-sourced community of volunteers were able to build out the entire road network for Haiti in just one week to include locations of damage and refugee camps. Recue workers in country were then able to utilize the newly create data/maps to get routing directions to locations where survivors were reported to be; it saved lives.

The data captured by the Navy aircraft and then acquired and published by SDSU was approximately 10 terabytes per day. After one week of missions, the Navy had captured and made available to the public over 100 terabytes of video and imagery data.

International Leadership & Diplomacy Experience

Commander, Task Group 40.9 / Global Fleet Station - Central America and the Caribbean

Led a large U.S. Navy organization (comprised of multiple smaller organizations) on an eight month deployment to the Caribbean and Central America region; the U.S. Navy's first ever deployment of this type. The Global Fleet Station (GFS) was a joint and inter-agency task group comprised of elements form the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and Department of State (DoS), focused on establishing lasting relationships with international partners to facilitate data sharing, collaboration, and increased regional maritime security.

  • Dominican Republic

    Capt. Douglas Wied, commander of Task Group 40.9, speaks to members of the Dominican Republic news media.

  • Guatemala

    Capt. Douglas Wied, greets Vicealmirante Carlos Rene Alvarado Fernendez, Guatemalan Chief of Naval Operations.

  • Jacksonville, FL

    High Speed Vessel Swift (HSV) 2 prepares to deploy in support of the Southern Partnership Station, a 5 month mission to Central America and the Caribbean Basin.

  • Jamaica

    Capt. Douglas Wied, commander of Task Group 40.9, addresses workers of the Port Antonio Hospital and members of the Jamaican press.

An informative PowerPoint presentation detailing the Global Fleet Station's mission and its goals, objectives, and accomplishments can be viewed here. Building Maritime Security Partnerships -

Personal Interest

Endurance Sports / Triathlete

I believe life is to be enjoyed no matter what you are doing; at work, in your personal life, etc. Life will always present challenges and overcoming them is only part of the reward. As Steve Jobs famously once said, "The Journey is the reward." This is the approach I strive to embrace. Running an Ironman triathlon is crazy; it's ridiculously long, physically draining, and mentally challenging. Yet, setting goals such as completing a triathlon is what keeps me focused on moving forward, improving, and overcoming barriers to success. Along with keeping age in check, endeavors such as this improve all aspects of our life both personal and at work; how we interact with others, solve problems, make decisions, etc.


Masters of Science, Global Leadership
University of San Diego, March 2006, San Diego CA

Professional Certificate in Project Management
University of San Diego, March 2006, San Diego CA

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Menlo College, June 1984, Menlo Park CA


IBM Certified Application Developer - Cloud Platform

IBM Big Data Foundations

IBM Big Data Hadoop Foundations

IBM Big Data Spark Foundations

IBM Big Data Programming (MapReduce, Pig, NoSQL)


Science & Technology Product, Process, and Services Innovation Award
U.S. Navy / Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR), May 2010

Awarded the Navy’s 2010 Science & Technology Product, Process, and Services Innovation award for success achieved driving the development & fielding of the Navy’s Non-Classified Enclave project; a critical information sharing system used by the U.S. Navy and international partner countries.


Technology Skills
Software Development, Web Application Requirements Analysis, Design/Development, SDLC (Waterfall, Agile), PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, CSS3, SQL, NoSQL, XML, C/C++, Single Page Apps, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, Spark, IBM Bluemix, Data Analysis

Management Skills
Leadership, Mentor, Program Management, Project Management, Strategic Planner, Operational Planner, Innovative, Self-Starter, Team Building, Process Improvement, Business Development, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Visio, MS Project

Areas of Experience
Crisis Management, Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Response, Crowdsourcing, International Experience, Multinational Partnerships, Collaboration, Decision Support, Concept Development